Cheezy Lunch

by HEAB on November 22, 2010

Good afternoon. Summer and I are about to take our first walk together. The sun is out, and it’s relatively warm outside. I’m so excited. I hope she enjoys walking as much as her mama does! Before we go, I wanted to share my yummy lunch with all of you.

Lately I’ve been craving mac n cheese, and so I made a quick and easy HEABified version…


Cooked quinoa mixed with 1 TBSP butter, 2 TBSP nutritional yeast, pepper, and chopped grilled chicken. Warm, buttery, cheesy, and delicious – comfort food at its finest!

Dessert was an oven baked sweet potato…


I started out with half, but then ended up eating the whole thing with lots of cinnamon. Yum

Summer fix of the day…


Summer’s first play date with my best friend’s niece, Hannah. They were born 6 days apart. :)