Night Shift

by HEAB on November 24, 2010

CD usually takes the night shift with Summer. My lactation consultant told me (as ironic as it may sound) that as new mother, it is imperative that I get some rest. Up until last week, I was trying to nurse, supplement Summer with my pumped breast milk + formula, and then pump all throughout the day and evening, and I was hardly getting any sleep. So, CD graciously took over Summer’s nighttime feedings, and I just wake up every 3 hours to pump. However, Chris is running a 5-mile road race tomorrow, and so tonight, it’s just me and Summer. In preparation for our long evening together we sacked out on the couch after dinner with Einstein. :)


Speaking of dinner, this is one of the first nights we haven’t had food delivered – again, many thanks to our family and friends for all the yummy meals you have provided. We kept things fairly simple – CD baked up a Trader Joe’s sausage pizza, his pre-race meal of choice, and I made CD’s mustard bacon stir-fry for myself.

IMG_6694.JPG IMG_6693.JPG

I forgot to add nooch to my dinner, and so I added it to dessert…


Cheesecake Oat Bran A La Mode: 1/2 cup oat bran cooked in water with 1 TBSP nooch stirred in after cooking and topped with vanilla ice-cream and cinnamon.

Weird combo? Perhaps, but you guys should be used to that by now. ‘Twas tasty.

OK, Summer is asleep, and so I should hit the hay as well. Good night and Happy Thanksgiving! :)