Look What’s Back…

by HEAB on December 12, 2010


Happy Pancake Sunday!

I decided to revisit my recipe for protein pancakes after reader Courtney left me a comment with her perfected version. Courtney, ya did good. :) I followed all of her advice, making sure to whip my egg whites with the cream of tarter until extra fluffy and added 2 TBSP pumpkin. I used 4 egg whites and then decided to add one whole egg for a little extra fat. My toppings of choice were HEABified peppermint bark and a little butter. The bark melted and got all ooey-gooey. YUM! Courtney, thanks for reminding me of my beloved protein cakes, and seriously, you guys have got to make the peppermint bark. It’s so good!

Before I go, a good cause for the holiday season…

My friend, Jessica Rae, has composed a song called Christmas in Nashville, and sales of the song will benefit Toys For Tots. Please check it out if you get a chance.