Diaps and Wipes

by HEAB on December 21, 2010

Several of you have asked me if we’re using cloth diaps (diaps = diapers in CDspeak) for Summer. As of right now, we are not. I would like to try them in the future, but for now disposables are just really easy. However, we are using cloth wipes, and they work great.

Here’s the set-up…


Alongside Summer’s changing table we have a Prince Lionheart Wipe Warmer. Averie gave me the idea to soak the wipes (we use Fuzzi Bunz Wonder Wipes) in warm water with lavender and tea tree oil.


I love this NOW Lavender Tea Tree Oil Blend.

I then squeeze out the cloth wipes, roll them up, and keep them in the warmer.


Summer loves warm wipes on her tush. :)

The dirty wipes go in our Mommy’s Touch Wet Bag, and then I wash them once a day.


And that’s how we wipe in the HEAB household.

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