Chocolateless Fudge

by HEAB on December 29, 2010

The chocolate didn’t go over so well yesterday, and so I’m not going to eat any more for the time being. As much as I love my chocolate, I’m perfectly fine with not eating it as I love carob almost as much. Yesterday, I used it to make carob 2-Ingredient Fudge.

Into the saucepan went one 10 ounce bag of carob chips and 1 can of coconut milk…(Edited to add: I used the Sunspire brand unsweetened carob chips the first time I made this. The 2nd time I made it, I used the Sunspire vegan sweetened carob chips, and the fudge did not set and stayed liquidy unless I kept it in the freezer. I prefer the unsweetened chips.)


I stirred over low heat until the chips completely melted and then poured my liquid fudge into a greased 8×8 glass dish…


I placed it in the freezer until hard and then transferred it to the fridge. Easy as that.

This morning, I enjoyed a double serving of fudge atop a bowl of oats inspired by Little Bookworm


I cooked one cup rolled oats with 2 cups water (I had no milk) and then used Katie’s melted banana trick to sweeten the mix. My toppings consisted of almond butter and carob fudge. By the time I was halfway through the bowl, my fudge had completely melted. Oh so good!

This morning, I placed the fudge back in the freezer as it was too soft after sitting in the fridge overnight. Next time I make it, I’ll add more carob chips.

Are you a fudge fan? I don’t like regular fudge that much as it’s way too sweet, but I do enjoy my HEABified versions.

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