Bulk Bin Inspiration

by HEAB on December 31, 2010

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The winners of Goddess Leonie’s Creating My Goddess Year Workbook are: Lindsay, Rach, Carlee, Candice, and Emily. Congrats! All of you can expect an email from me soon.

I love carob covered almonds and raisins. Have you ever had either? They sell both in the bulk bins at Whole Foods, but they are so pricey. So, I decided to make a bowl of carob covered raisin oatmeal to keep myself from buying any.

But first, per request, more photos of Summer. These were taken this morning…


Behold my daughter’s mullet. 😉


Her burping face. I love it!

Now, onto breakfast…

Carob Covered Raisin Oats

I cooked one cup rolled oats with 2 cups water, a pinch of salt, and a few spoonfuls of raisins. I then topped my raisin oats with carob fudge. DELICIOUS!

Happy New Year!