Lights, Camera, Action

by HEAB on January 10, 2011

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Yesterday, I played with my new light box. Here is the set-up…


I bought the gooseneck lamps on clearance at Target, and I found the daylight light bulbs at Home Depot (thank you Ashley and Evan).

On the left is a photo of my dinner from last taken under our regular kitchen lighting, and on the right is a photo of the same plate taken in the light box.

IMG_7045.JPG IMG_7044.JPG

Quite a difference, no?

My quick and easy taco salad consisted of 1/4 ground beef prepared with 1/4 TBSP chili powder, 1/4 TBSP paprika, 1/4 tsp cumin powder, and a pinch of salt. I mixed some spinach in with the beef while it was cooking and instead of cheese, I used nutritional yeast. For a little crunchy dipping action, I added a side of Garden of Eatin’ Red Hot Blues.

Then there was dessert…

IMG_7050.JPG IMG_7048.JPG

2-Ingredient carob fudge

Again, the photo on the right was taken in the light box. Have you made the fudge yet yet? Oh, how I love it. I really wanted to make Ashley’s brilliant version, but unfortunately, I was all out of peanut butter. :(

Do quality photos impact which blogs you read? For me, they make a difference – I love beautiful pictures.