Oversized Oats

by HEAB on January 13, 2011

Well, the results are in from week 1 of the Fit Blogger Charity Challenge. Team HEAB tied Team Lean Bodies Health And Fitness for 2nd place, and Team Great Fitness Experiment came in 1st. A big shout out to Team HEAB member Melissa for her awesome plank hold of 2 minutes 37 seconds! How are all of you doing with the workouts? I was really sore last week, but my body seems to be adjusting to exercising regularly again. The burpees and mountain climbers are still kicking my booty, but I love that I can get in a great workout in less than 30 minutes. I’m usually able to squeeze it in during Summer’s morning nap, and it’s so nice being able to do all of the workouts in the comfort of my own home. I think my favorite is stairs day – I’ve always loved running up stairs. Anyway, I’m sending out strong push-up vibes to all of you for this week’s challenge, and many thanks to every single member of Team HEAB for all your hard work!

Now onto some oatmeal. I’ve been experimenting with Katie’s Voluminous Oatmeal Trick. Really Katie, you can do no wrong. The first time I tried it, I cooked 1 cup rolled oats (1/2 cup never satiates me) with 3 cups water on the stove-top while I cleaned up the kitchen after dinner. I brought the oats + water to a boil, allowing them to cook over medium heat for just a few minutes. I then poured the oatmeal in a ceramic bowl, refrigerating overnight. The next morning, the oats had absorbed all the water, and after adding a bit more and reheating, I enjoyed myself a huge bowl of pillowy-soft oatmeal.


Add-ins included 1 packet Artisana coconut oil, 1 banana, and lots ‘o cinnamon.

More experimentation was needed, and so the following night I added more water to the mix and cooked 1 cup rolled oats with 4 cups water and then refrigerated overnight. The next morning, I reheated my oats on the stove-top until warm but didn’t need to add any additional water. They turned out perfect – thanks again Katie! In fact, the oats had puffed up so much, that I couldn’t fit them all in my bowl and ate what remained straight from the pot. :)


The above bowl was influenced by one of my favorite Thai dishes. Lately, I’ve been dreaming of coconut curry topped with toasted cashews, and therefore decided to top my oats with unsweetened shredded coconut and 1 packet of Artisana raw cashew butter. I’ve never been a huge fan of cashew butter. I mean I like it, but compared to other nut butters, I always thought it tasted a bit bland. However, I really enjoyed this packet from Artisana as it seemed to have a stronger flavor than other brands I’ve tried.

Question for you guys: I’ve been loving on some tea lately, but I’m still avoiding caffeine. What is your favorite herbal tea and where do you buy it?