High Fat Low Protein?

by HEAB on January 26, 2011

A reader recently emailed me asking what a high fat, but low protein diet looks like. My diet isn’t low protein by any means as I eat meat and eggs. I simply don’t make an effort to eat a lot of lean protein. For me, the higher the fat content, the better. Don’t get me wrong, I love chicken and turkey, but I always opt for dark meat when given the choice…and I love chicken skin. There, I said it. It’s so good! I’ll use egg whites for their fluff factor, but give me a whole egg omelet over one made with just egg whites any day.

To explain myself better, here was my lunch from yesterday…


First I fried two pieces of bacon and then added some chopped grape tomatoes and several handfuls of spinach to the skillet. After the spinach was done cooking, I topped things off with a small chopped avocado.

Post lunch, I had some decaf coffee with heavy cream & vanilla stevia drops along with three Nut Butter Bites.


Like I’ve said before , my body does better on a diet higher in fat and lower in sugar. Therefore, instead of topping a salad with low fat grilled chicken, I’ll usually opt for salmon, beef, or an avocado, etc. Sometimes, I’ll skip the topping altogether and just cook up a bunch of veggies in coconut oil or butter. Mmm…real butter, there is nothing like it!

How about you? Fat, protein, or carbs? Personally, I like all three, but fat is my favorite. :)