True Love Grits

by HEAB on January 31, 2011

Anyone seen True Grit? I have not, but the movie inspired my breakfast this morning. Personally, I’m rooting for The King’s Speech to win the Oscar.


The above bowl is my entry for Abby’s Oscars Edible Extravaganza. I actually didn’t think of it myself. Nope, I have to give creativity credit to reader Carolyn for this one.

So, why is this bowl of grits full of true love? Well, first off, it’s actually half grits and half oat bran, oat bran being my most beloved cooked grain, and secondly, it was topped with a big heart shaped blob of my favorite preserves. Last, but not least, I stirred in a TBSP of real butter, and you all know how much I love butter. :)

Have you seen any of the movies nominated for best picture, and do you like butter and jam porridge?