And So Avocado Week Begins

by HEAB on February 6, 2011

I recently received some beautiful ripe avocados in the mail…


Avocados are a nutrient-dense fruit providing our bodies with vitamins, minerals and phytotnutrients, including potassium, vitamins B6, C, E, folate, and fiber. Besides all of that, they’re just plain yummy.

This morning, I spread half a mashed avocado on 2 big slices of Friday night’s socca with a little coconut cream.


Mmm, I love a good avocado/coconut combo!

And in honor of Pancake Sunday, you can click here for my avocado pancake recipe.


I’m declaring it avocado week here at HEAB, and I’ll hope you’ll join me over the next 7 days for some avocado amazingness. :)

P.S. I made some chocolate coconut mocha no-bake oaties, and you can find the recipe on my new Oatie Recipe Page.


Enjoy and Happy Superbowl Sunday!


Summer may look happy, but deep down she’s still really upset the Bears aren’t playing today. :(