Chocolate Soup

by HEAB on February 8, 2011

Avocado recipe of the day…Did you know it’s Avocado Week?


Hot Chocolate Soup in my cool moose bowl.

Also makes a great dipping sauce for pancakes…


In other news, look at the new bracelets I bought….I love them.


Beads of Hope

Orphans in Northern Uganda roll each bead by hand from recycled paper, and all profits from the sale of the jewelry go directly to projects that support the orphans of Village of Hope Uganda. The orphans making the beads receive food, education, and medical care, as a way of providing for themselves and their siblings. I am in no way connected to the project – I just think it is a really cool organization and wanted to share. Please click here to learn more about Village of Hope Uganda or to purchase their handmade jewelry.