Stuff ‘Em!

by HEAB on February 10, 2011

A few things to share…

I am still loving avocados…


Yesterday, inspired by Alexandra’s Mexican stuffed peppers, I made some for CD’s lunch. I cut the peppers in half, deseeded them, and put them under the broiler until black. I then peeled away the skins, and stuffed them with brown rice mixed with beef, chili powder, cumin, and salt. I topped one with Parm, melting it under the broiler, and the other two with mashed avocado. For myself, I ended up eating a ton of the filling with the other half of the avocado. There is just something so good about ground beef and brown rice mixed together. I love that combo. Alexandra, thanks for posting your recipe…and I still need to make your carob pizzert! 🙂

Speaking of Mexican food, here’s another oldie but goodie avocado topped meal…


Trader Joe’s refried beans with salsa mixed with cooked veggies and topped with sliced avocado. Trader Joe’s makes the best canned refried beans in my opinion.

In other news, after much debate, I have decided to leave my comments closed for the time being. I love reading your comments and responding, but I simply don’t have the times these days. Summer is awake a lot more now, and we have so much fun playing together. She needs my attention, and I am a full-time mom, not a full-time blogger. I’ll miss hearing from all of you everyday, but I would never want to look back and think I spent too much time on the computer rather than being with my daughter. Thanks for understanding, and Summer thanks you as well…


How could you possibly resist this face?!?

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