Sesame Satisfaction

by HEAB on February 18, 2011

Remember when I celebrated my love of sesame seed paste with Tahini Week? For months, I had a serious obsession with the stuff. However, during my first trimester, I ate a tahini banana soft serve parfait and got so sick, that I could not even pass by it in the store without wanting to puke. Since then, I’ve eaten tahini mixed in recipes, but I’ve never really craved it like I used to…until now. Yep, tahini is back in my life.


For those of you who don’t know, tahini is simply ground up sesame seeds. It’s slightly bitter, and most people prefer mixing with something sweet like raw honey, but I love it all on its own. This morning, I ate it Cotter Crunch style: drizzled on a bowl full of rolled oats cooked in water and mixed with ghee, vanilla, cinnamon, and brewer’s yeast. (Lindsay, I forgot the turmeric and ginger. Next time for sure.)

Tahini was involved in my lunch as well…


The above was a recipe for dessert hummus from Lauren. Thanks Lauren! I enjoyed my hummus with some Food Should Taste Good sweet potato chips, and it was so good! This is Lauren’s recipe to share, not mine, and she hasn’t posted it yet. Just know that it involves black beans and tahini, and it’s really good! :)

Edited to Add: Lauren has posted the recipe here. For my version, I used an entire can of black beans and only 12 drops of NuNaturals vanilla stevia drops.

So, I’ve decided to leave the comments open. It was a no-brainer after yesterday’s post. Many thanks to all of you who continue to read my blog everyday. Please know that I’ll read and respond when I can, but this one is going to come first…


Thanks for understanding and for all your support and love. :)