Photo Shoot

by HEAB on February 26, 2011

Today has been a busy but fun day. Emily of Emily Smallcomb Family Photography, and her husband, Chris came to take Summer’s 4-month photos, and I got a shot of the photographer in action…


I joked with Emily, asking if she could leave behind her background and lighting set-up for my bowls of oat bran. Oh the fun I could have with all of her equipment!

Summer was very cooperative and limited her spit-up to only one blanket – sorry Emily! She also stuck her tongue out in what seemed like about 90% of the pictures. Hilarious! After Emily snapped the final photo, Summer was ready for a nap, and so CD stayed home with her while I joined Chris and Emily for lunch at Chipotle.


Honestly, I have no idea why I even bother with the chicken salad as all I really want are the guac and chips. Chipotle serves such good chips – always fresh and never too salty or greasy, and their guacamole is filled with huge avocado chunks. Love that place.


It’s been a great day thus far, and as soon as Summer wakes up we’re going for a long walk in the sunshine. It’s such a beautiful day.

Emily and Chris, thanks so much for making the drive to Nashville again for the photo shoot today. I CANNOT wait to see the pics!