Good Karma

by HEAB on February 27, 2011

Remember my big plans with my chickpea flour and nutritional yeast…well, the recipe kind of bombed. Jenn gave me the idea of making a cheeze sauce with the garbanzo bean flour, nutritional yeast, and butter. Brilliant, no? I mean, I love mixing nutritional yeast with butter for my HEABified Mac & Cheese, and I figured the flour would bring it to a whole new level.

First I threw some Texmati brown rice into the rice cooker with a handful of frozen peas and a pinch of salt.


While that cooked, I combined 1 TBSP melted Kerrygold butter, 1 TBSP garbanzo bean flour, and 1 TBSP nutritional yeast in the Magic Bullet. I then mixed the sauce with about a cup of cooked rice and threw in half a can of wild salmon. I was going for a tuna noodle casserole kind of thing…or something. Not quite sure.


The end result was OK, but the flour gave the sauce a funky taste…too flour-y if that makes sense. I think it would have been much better with a spoonful of hummus stirred in instead. That being said, the meal was pretty darn tasty after I drowned my bowl in some tahini. Jenn, I still think it was a great idea, but I would stick with your white bean cheeze sauce instead.

I made up for the funk with a Kookie Karma raw cherry cashew kookie

IMG_7431.JPG IMG_7432.JPG

Kookie Karma sent me some Kookie samples a couple of weeks ago, and sadly enough the cherry cashew flavor was my last one. I’ve been snacking on them at odd hours of the night as evidenced by the following horrible pictures…

IMG_7343.JPG IMG_7411.JPG

Even though Summer is sleeping through the night, I still get up sometimes and pump to maintain my breast milk supply, usually around 3 AM, and let me tell you that these cookies make waking up at that hour much easier. :) The cherry cashew was probably my favorite of the raw line. You could really taste the fresh ginger, and I’m not even a huge ginger fan as I often find it too overpowering…do not like it when my Thai dishes taste like Lemon Pledge. Anyway, the ginger in the cherry cashew cookie was perfect, and I loved the big chunks of dried cherries and nuts. However, my favorite out of all the cookies was probably the Holistic Choco Lot. At first bite, I thought it had a weird texture, but by the last bite I was in love. It was rich, fudgy, and not too sweet. I also liked that it was sweetened with xylitol and lower in sugars when compared to the raw cookies.

Have you tried Kookie Karma Kookies? Unfortunately, they are not available in Nashville, but if you see them in a store near you, give them a try. Good stuff!