Unsweetened Chocolate Ideas

by HEAB on March 2, 2011

Amy requested a post with ideas for using unsweetened baking chocolate and cocoa powder. Amy, this one’s for you. :)

You can make Chocolate Covered Katie’s Red Velvet Pancakes, which I made into waffles. I tried blending a roasted beet into the batter to make them red, but Hershey’s dark cocoa powder is so dark, that none of the red color showed up (and no, you can’t taste the beet). I didn’t add any sweetener to the batter, and the waffles turned out light, airy, super chocolatey, and super delicious. Thanks Katie!


I frosted my waffles with 1 ounce cream cheese mixed with 4 vanilla stevia drops and 1 TBSP heavy whipping cream + cinnamon. Nicole, good call on adding the whipping cream. YUM!

Other chocolatey ideas…


Chocolate Brown Rice Bread topped with homemade chocolate coconut butter (simply add 4 whole squares of Bakers unsweetened chocolate to the food processor when making the coconut butter. I made a batch for my friend Nadia, and it was so good. No sugar needed as the coconut lends its own natural sweetness.)


Almond Butter Banana Nut Muffins with unsweetened Bakers chocolate chunks


Chocado Sauce/Pudding


Replace the dark chocolate chips with unsweetened Bakers chocolate in my Coconut Cream Pie


Besides eating Baker’s chocolate straight up, 2-Ingredient Fudge is probably my favorite use for it.


Cocoa powder works great in my Hot Chocolate Soup


How about using unsweetened Bakers chocolate chunks in my HEABified Peppermint Bark?


And last, but not least, one of my favorite uses for both unsweetened Bakers chocolate and cocoa powder is Alex’s Grain Free Bitter Chocolate Cake recipe.

That should keep all you unsweetened chocolate lovers busy for a while. 😉