Baby Led Weaning: An Adventure In Joy

by HEAB on March 8, 2011

I am so excited about today’s guest post from Goddess Leonie, creator of my favorite guidebook and planner.  Goddess Leonie lives in Australia with her love, Chris, and their beautiful daughter, Ostara Faith Avalon.  In today’s post, she shares how she and Chris introduced Ostara to solid foods, and it’s the same approach we plan to take with Summer.  I give you Goddess Leonie…

When my daughter Ostara was just a tiny three month old, one of my beautiful cousins was juggling her six month old on her knee. We were chatting over Chinese food, and she mentioned three little words I hadn’t heard before:

Baby Led Weaning.

I quickly ordered the book & ate it up (ha!)

The philosophy of Baby Led Weaning does away with spoon feeding. Pretty much, after babe is six months, you let her start feeding herself from your plate. You start off with the bland vegetables and fruits, then slowly let her start trying new things.  It totally intrigued me. I hadn’t even thought about how I was going to introduce solids – but I didn’t know anything different from spoon feeding & purees & playing choo-choo trains. {Just so you know – Baby Led Weaning isn’t about weaning from breastfeeding or bottle. It’s just a method of introducing food.} Anywaysies, Baby Led Weaning felt intuitive and right and made a lot of sense to me.

Once Ostara was around six months, she started reaching for food. So we let her. Her first meal? Spinach leaves from my salad.

Ostara’s First Meal

So that’s how it’s continued on. Ostara sits on my laps for meals – we don’t have a high chair, and don’t use them in restaurants. She seems to stay happier, calmer & more content eating from my plate & sitting on my lap (for right now – I know these things change!)

It can be pretty messy sometimes, but I’m pretty relaxed about mess. At home, we eat on the verandah and our Little Furry Vacuum Cleaners (aka Charlie & Angel puppies!) do their special magic cleaning up trick after we’ve finished eating. And when we’re out, I just scoop up afterwards. Good fun!


Ostara is now a year old. She pretty happily feeds herself – vegetables, rice, cornflakes, vegetarian sushi, fruit, pasta. Breakfast is usually rice cereal with apple and pear sauce.

For snacks, we eat berries, peas and corn.  On hot days, we eat them frozen.  Lunch & dinner is whatever we are eating. The thing about this?  Ostara eats whatever we are eating.  And that means I’m a lot more conscious about what we eat too.  I want to make them rounded, whole, packolo-with-nutrition meals wherever I can.  It will be a while longer before we introduce dairy or gluten – there is intolerance to both of them in our family, so we’ll take time & follow instinct as to if/when she’ll try them out.  In the meantime…

it’s just having fun, keeping it simple, joyful & loving…

Today, I went out to lunch on my parent’s farm. What did Ostara do?  She sat on my sister’s lap & ate carrots and peas and roasted pumpkin and lettuce from her plate.  At dinner time, she ate roasted sweet potato and spinach leaves from our dinner plates, and fed her banana to the dogs while giggling like a banshee.  And if she wants to lick an icing spoon? Cool. Bite mama’s icy pole? Groovy.  I don’t worry.  I just try to model having a great relationship with food – by having one myself.

Easy, simple, joyful and happy.

And that’s really the best thing I’ve learned about mamahood (and life):  Whatever is easy, simple, joyful and happy really is the best way. Whether it’s about food or not:  Joy really can lead the way.


Goddess Leonie is the creator of, a popular creativity + spirituality blog for women.