A New Focus

by HEAB on March 21, 2011

A wise soul told me that giving up sugar for Lent would probably be much easier if I quit trying to make everything I eat look like a dessert. Ahh, so very true. Therefore, instead of trying to satisfy my sweet tooth with sugar free goodies, I’m trying to incorporate more savory dishes into my diet and less HEABified sweets.


Loved the stir-fry pictured above. I chopped and fried two slices of bacon on the stove-top until almost crisp and then added 1 partially cooked chopped sweet potato (nuked whole in microwave for 4 mins), 3 carrots, 1 small onion, and some mushrooms. Sweet Potato + Bacon = Amazingness.


Veggies stir-fried with cooked bacon & eaten alongside some stuff. Alice, Chris’s mom, made this delicious bean/beef/veggie mixture, and we called it The Stuff. So good!

The following dish is in the oven right now, and I’ll share the recipe with you tomorrow. Smells divine.


My cravings for sugar always go away when I eat more savory meals. I’m still enjoying my sugar free desserts – just trying not to make them the focus of every meal and snack. Much easier now that the scookies are all gone! That being said, I’m dying to make Ricki’s Halvah.

We made it back to Nashville on Saturday night, and we’re slowly getting settled back into our routine. Thankfully, the weather here is sunny and warm, and I feel like we brought a bit of Arizona home with us. In closing, I’ll leave you with a picture of Summer in her tutu, a gift from Mama Pea and family.


Channeling Gigi and Lulu. 😉

OK, time to get ready for some Mommy & Me yoga. Happy Monday!