Red Beans & Rice Pancakes

by HEAB on April 3, 2011

Last week, I mentioned our grocery budgeting tips, and I wanted to let you in on another one that has saved us money. Before we really started being careful with how much we were spending on food, I found myself running to the grocery store every other day picking up random odds and ends for recipes I wanted to make that day or for recipes I wanted to try out for the blog. Now, I go about things a little differently and try to base meals and recipes around ingredients we already have on hand. That’s why you don’t really see many elaborate or complicated recipes here on HEAB. Since Summer’s arrival, I don’t have much free time to spend in the kitchen. Nor, do I have time to run to the store every time I come up with some crazy recipe idea. These days I’m all about cheap simplicity, and that’s how this morning’s breakfast came about.

For once, I was really in the mood to celebrate Pancake Sunday, but I had no idea what I would make. Last night, I happen to throw a half used bag of red beans in some soaking water. They’d been sitting in our cabinet for a while, and I thought I might make some bean soup for dinner tonight. Anyway, while preparing my morning pot of decaf, I spied the soaking red beans, and got an idea. Alain’s comment from this post came to mind, and I threw a cup of the red beans along with 4 cups water into my rice cooker. 90 minutes later, the beans were done cooking, and I blended a few spoonfuls with a 1/4 cup HEABified coconut milk and NuNaturals vanilla stevia drops (8 to 10 drops?). Voila, instant sweet red bean paste!

I served the paste over my favorite brown rice pancakes with melted homemade coconut butter.


Sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, and DELICIOUS!


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