Name That Platypus For Some PB

by HEAB on April 5, 2011

First off, have you bid on anything at Chocolate Covered Katie’s Bake Sale for Japan yet? If not, go check out the goodies, but read my post first. Or, go, and come back. That works too. :)

Good thing I only gave up almond butter for Lent and not peanut butter because I have some delicious PB to share with you today. (Many thanks to HEAB reader Ally for telling me about it!)


North Shore Goodies Coconut PB & Chocolate Coconut PB

Oh my, this stuff is good. Following reader Alain’s advice, I smeared my red bean paste on some cornbread with a big dollop of the coconut peanut butter. Weird combo? Yes, and I totally wish I could take credit for this one. So yummy Alain.


The coconut peanut butter is creamy and spreadable (love that!). It’s super sweet too and so coconutty. According to the company, the sweetness factor comes from spoon meat, the jello-like meat of young coconuts, and the smooth texture comes from adding meat from older coconuts. Their recipe is amazing, seriously, some of the best peanut butter I’ve ever eaten. If you’re in Hawaii, then you must find some, and if not, the company ships all over the world.

Now, I did not open the chocolate peanut butter as it does contain sugar, and so I’ve decided to share the North Shore love and give it away to one of you. For a chance to win, simply leave a comment below telling me what we should name Summer’s new platypus. The winning name will receive the peanut butter (sorry, but I can only ship to U.S. residents). Also, the peanut butter is not vegan as the chocolate used contains dairy.


Meet’s Summer’s platypus, a gift from her Grandpere.

News to share…

Have you heard about Food Day yet? If not, it’s just 6 months away. So be on the lookout for local Food Day events in your area, or you could even organize one of your own.

Again, don’t forget to check out Katie’s Bake Sale.

To all my Nashville readers, on April 6th & 7th Pickles & Ice-Cream Maternity Apparel in Cool Springs is hosting Tim Arnold, The Silhouette Man at their store. Tim is recommended by The Smithsonian & even did silhouettes for the Bush Family at The White House. The event is by appointment only, and you can call the store at 615-778-1599 to book an appointment. Please forward this info to any dads you may know as a silhouette would make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift!

And last but not least, my Eden Nuts nut butter giveaway ends tomorrow, Wednesday, April 6.