Indian Fusion Cuisine

by HEAB on April 8, 2011

I often refer to my food combos as strange or weird, but I think I prefer Ashley’s adjectives: creative and quirky. So, here is another creative, yet quirky combo for ya…


Because who doesn’t love cornbread atop Indian food?

My dreams of making Channa Masala finally came to fruition, and I followed Jenna’s recipe, omitting the jalapeno b/c I don’t like ’em so much.


Jenna, I did not skimp on the butter.


My first pince experience.

I didn’t have any chickpeas and used cooked lentils instead. The Channa Masala turned out delicious. Many thanks to Jenna and to my friend Jill for recommending her recipe. Now, how about that cornbread topping?


I made a new cornbread recipe this morning. It’s less crumbly and more cake-like. It’s gluten free and vegan as I was out of eggs. It also contains coconut and is slightly sweet but sugar free. I’m in love with it…can’t stop eating it…it’s half gone. Click here for the recipe.

I leave you with a smile…


Emilia, thanks again for my apron dress. It’s my new fav. -Summer