CD’s Dream Dinner

by HEAB on April 12, 2011

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Yesterday was CD’s birthday. Per his request, I made him a Meatza. A what? A Meatza, a pizza with a meat crust. The recipe comes from one of Chris’s favorite blogs, Free The Animal.

Crust pre-topping:



I ate my meatza atop cooked veggies. ‘Twas good. Nice choice CD.


CD is the hardest person to shop for as he wants or needs nothing. So, for his birthday, I turned my former massage therapy space into his own private man-cave, and I put the pink back in my hair. Boy loves my pink streak. :)


Me serving CD a bowl of Butterfied Oaties (new nut-free oatie recipe!), his favorite birthday cake. Notice the pink?

We had a great time celebrating his birthday last night…only thing missing was Summer. She went to bed before all the festivities began. :(

Love you CD!