Role Model

by HEAB on April 27, 2011

My goodness, what is up with the thunderstorms this year? This morning, Summer and I did our Mom & Baby Fitness DVD, cleaned ourselves up, and crawled back into our PJ’s as I knew we would not be leaving the house. Nashville’s weather is just plain nasty today.

Since CD and I plan to start Summer on solids soon, we’ve ether been putting Summer in her new booster seat or in our laps for meals.


Summer’s Dining Room Chair :)

We plan to go the Baby Led Weaning route, and therefore, we want Summer around us whenever we eat. if she reaches out and grabs my food, that’s okay as she’s going to eat whatever we’re eating for the most part. For now, it’s just about exploring and learning.

So, the other day, I’m sitting there eating my black bean brownie parfait for breakfast with Summer on my lap and Summer’s hand in my sundae,



and I start thinking to myself, is that what I want Summer to see me eating for breakfast? Yes, it was sugar free, and there were many good ingredients in there. However, a jar filled with ice-cream is not something I would want to make Summer for breakfast. Is there anything wrong with a brownie sundae on occasion? No, I just don’t think I should be in a habit of making a meal out of it, even it is sugar free, grain free, etc.

What do I want Summer to see me eating? REAL FOOD and not the lowest calorie, most filling recipe I can possibly come up with to satisfy my ever raging sweet tooth…which in and of itself answers the question of why I always have an ever raging sweet tooth. Will I keep making HEABified desserts? Honestly, I don’t know. I know my body can’t handle a lot of sugar, but I don’t want Summer to see me shoveling down endless bowls of stevia whipped air. I’d rather her see me eat bowls like today’s lunch…


Wild salmon cakes served atop veggies sauteed in butter.

Motherhood has already taught me a great deal about myself, but me thinks I still have much to learn.