Sweet & Creamy Mornings

by HEAB on May 18, 2011

Regular coffee is back in my life, and I welcomed it with open arms. In all honesty, I don’t really care for the taste of coffee itself. It’s simply a vehicle for cream and my beloved NuNaturals vanilla stevia drops…


These days, breakfast usually consists of a couple of cups of coffee and unsweetened chocolate squares. I save the more elaborate meals for lunch and dinner.

Speaking of stevia, I recently received some free samples of a new brand…



I have yet to try the Steviva Blend for baking, but I’ve used the pure stevia in various recipes including…


Coconut Cornbread

The above recipes turned out great, and I didn’t notice any funky stevia aftertaste. However, the Steviva pure stevia does not dissolve very well in warm beverages. NuNaturals it is then. That stuff is hard to beat!
How do you take your coffee?

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