Making Time For Breakfast

by HEAB on May 20, 2011

Recently, I shared my typical quick breakfast with you: coffee and chocolate. This morning, Summer and I were out the door early to join our friend Stephanie for a walk. There wasn’t time for chocolate. However, there was time for coffee…there is always time for coffee. So, after walking for an hour, feeding Summer, and putting her down for her morning nap, I decided to put some time and effort into today’s breakfast.

Chai tea infused oat bran layered with coconut cream and topped with glazed nuts.

TAZO sent me a sample of their new zero calorie Iced Chai Black Tea sweetened with stevia and erythritol. I usually only consume caffeinated beverages in the morning, and since I wasn’t in the mood for a cold drink, I decided to try the tea in my oat bran. I took a sip before adding it to the pot, and it’s good. The chai spices are strong which I love, and it’s not too sweet.


The tea added the perfect hint of flavor to my oat bran (I love cardamom and cloves!), and it paired really well with the coconut cream and sweetened nuts. I have to admit, it was nice to sit down and enjoy a slow quiet breakfast as it’d been a while.

Tazo would like to send one of you a sample of their new tea along with a tea tumbler and a picnic tote. To win, simply leave a comment below telling me your favorite British slang word. I will use several of mine in a sentence: I enjoy snogging with CD while wearing fun knickers because CD has a jolly good arse and is not a wanker. OK, your turn. :)