How To Visit A New Mom

by HEAB on June 3, 2011

My friend Jessica gave birth to Jacob, her Baby Blueberry (baby’s name inutero), 2 weeks ago, and yesterday I stopped by to deliver dinner. CD and I were blown away by the all the kindness and love we received after Summer’s arrival. Our friend Stephanie organized 6 weeks of dinners, and it was the best thing ever! CD and I got totally spoiled, and when the dinners stopped arriving, it was a challenge to cook for ourselves again. So now whenever any of my friends have babies, I love taking them dinner because I remember how much it helped us out not too long ago.

After 6 weeks of dinner deliveries, I learned a few things along the way that I’d like to share with you…

Text or email the mom if no meal drop-offs have been arranged, asking her when she would like dinner. Don’t call – she is either feeding the baby, changing the baby, cuddling with the baby, or sleeping. I say ask when you can bring dinner because if you’re like me and someone says, Let me know if you need anything, you will never actually let them know.

The day the dinner is to be delivered, text the mom that morning asking her what she would like. She will be exhausted and who knows what she’ll be craving on any given day. Offer to cook or pick up the family’s favorite take-out. Honestly, some nights I would have been just as happy (if not happier) with a CPK pizza rather than an elaborate homemade meal.

Arrange the drop-off. Some new moms love visitors those first few weeks. However, I was not one of them. Due to all our breastfeeding issues, we were on a pretty regimented schedule, and there was no time for random visits or leisurely chit-chat. Of course I wanted all my friends to meet Summer, but those first few weeks were so hard. So, we sent out an email explaining our situation, and our friends & family gave us the space we needed. Most of them knocked, took a peek at Summer, handed us our dinner, and left. Some simply sent a text letting us know dinner was waiting at the front door. Let the mom know you’d love to meet the baby, but on her and baby’s terms, not yours.

And last but not least, bring the mom a double batch of HEABified Lactation Cookies…


Lactation Oaties

Even if she’s not breastfeeding, make the cookies. Trust me, she’ll need the extra boost of energy around 2 AM, and if you make a double batch, you can sneak a few without the plate appearing too empty. 😉