Hello Darkness My Old Friend

by HEAB on June 9, 2011

Around here, nap time is a priority. Summer naps twice a day, and I make sure to be home and have her in her crib as soon as she starts rubbing her eyes (which is the cutest thing ever by the way). Thankfully, she is a champion sleeper, but in an effort to make nap time a little more pleasant, I decided to put blackout curtains up in the nursery. The plan was to score some really cool fabric on clearance and then make the curtains myself. I envisioned something that slightly matched the nursery decor but added a little funky vibe to the room as well. Then I realized that my dream would require a sewing machine…and I would have to learn how to sew. So, I searched Pinterest high and low for DIY ideas, but alas, every window treatment I could find required sewing skills. Therefore, I came up with my own…


Sleeping Bag + Thumbtacks

I like to call it, Young House Love HEABified.

Hopefully, the sleeping bag won’t be up long…much to CD’s dismay. 😉

The winner of my Reader Appreciation Giveaway is Marie.

Screen shot 2011-06-09 at 8.28.42 AM.png

Congrats Marie! I’ll email you for your shipping info.