How Did You Do That?

by HEAB on June 9, 2011

I’ve gotten several emails asking me about my photo editing. Again, I still have no idea what I am doing, but I’m having a blast trying to figure out Photoshop Elements. For yesterday’s photo with Summer, I used the Sunshine Action for Photoshop Elements downloaded from The Pioneer Woman. It took me two evenings and several hours of lost sleep to figure everything out, and for those of you with Photoshop Elements, you can click here to download the Actions for free and then click here for installation instructions. I am technically challenged and did not think the instructions for Mac users were very clear. So, for any of you interested, I’ll share what I did.

First download the Actions from Pioneer Woman and save them on your desktop. There are two sets of actions, and I saved them in two separate folders. Then click on Finder➔HardDrive➔Library➔Application Support➔Adobe➔Photoshop Elements➔9.0➔Photo Creations➔Photo Effects. Apparently, there are two different Library folders on Mac computers, and I kept opening the wrong one. Once you locate your Photo Effects folder, open the Pioneer Action folders on your desktop and click, drag, and drop the contents into the Photo Effect folder. That was my 2nd mistake – I kept trying to copy the entire Action folder into the Photo Effects folder. Yeah, that doesn’t work.

OK, for those of you still with me, there is one more step. You have to rename the MediaDatabase.db3 File. To do so, click on Finder➔HardDrive➔Library➔Application Support➔Adobe➔Photoshop Elements➔9.0➔Locale➔En_US. In the En_US folder, locate MediaDatabase.db3, click on it and rename it MediaDatabaseOLD.db3. Then make sure all other computer programs are closed and restart Photoshop Elements. PSE will open slowly the first time after renaming this file. After verifying that the action has installed, simply delete MediaDatabaseOLD.db3. So, was it worth losing sleep to figure all this out? You tell me…

IMG_6188.jpg Stripedsocks.psd

Above left is the original photo, and on the right is my Photoshopped version.

Then with one click of a button, I can get the following effects with The Pioneer Woman’s Actions








Soft & Faded


Color Boost


Black & White

These above photos only showcase 6 actions out of the 23 I downloaded. Pretty cool, huh? Many thanks to Nolita for sending me the info and to The Pioneer Woman for making her Actions available to the public.

P.S. Isn’t Summer’s hand the cutest most squeezable thing you’ve ever seen?!?