A Southern Belle’s DIY Air Freshener

by HEAB on June 22, 2011

I don’t use Glade or any kind of artificial air fresheners. Blech, they make both CD and I sick. I will light a peppermint candle or use essential oils sometimes, but for the most part, we’re an unscented household, right down to our shampoo and soap. That being said, I’m a girl, and I like yummy smelling things. Want to know my favorite way to make our house smell nice?

It requires the following…


Garden Pruners


A blooming magnolia tree, preferably your own.

Instructions: Find magnolia bloom. Clip. Put in vase with water.


Add roses for a pop of color.


The entire room will smell like a big lemony magnolia tree. Oh gosh, I love it. It will not cover up steaming broccoli stank, but it almost makes up for the oppressive heat & humidity down South…

almost, but not quite. 😉