New Blog Series

by HEAB on July 4, 2011

Weekly blog series are quite popular in the blogosphere these days. Let’s see, some that come to mind are Pancake Sunday (which I never do anymore, but others proudly carry on the tradition), Waffle Wednesday, Thursday Latelies, Wordless Wednesday, Flashback Friday, This Moment, Show & Share Day, and the list goes on and on. I had an idea for a new one here on HEAB. Maybe I’ll only do it once…maybe I’ll do it every week until I’m 80. Who knows, but today i present to you Chuck Taylor Tuesdays.

Just where have my Chucks and I been this past week? Well, let’s see…

Last Thursday, CD and I went to see an amazing little concert at the Grand Ole Opry starring this guy…

Screen shot 2011-07-03 at 12.59.37 AM.png

Photo Credit

David Gray is one of my all-time favorites! His latest tour is quite different from previous ones – more acoustic, less rock, but as always, a great show. Such a brilliant songwriter and performer. I squealed internally when he began playing This Year’s Love as part of the encore and squeezed CD’s hand. I used to listen to that song over and over when CD and I were dating, and after we got engaged, I declared it to be our official song. However, CD still insists our song is Pour Some Sugar on Me. Um yeah, we’ve agreed to disagree.

Next up, my friend Cherie had an extra ticket and invited me and my Chucks to our 2nd concert of the week…


We saw Florence + The Machine.


Afterwards, myself, Cherie, and Chucks…


stood 50 yards away from…



U2 live – Wow! Hands down, the best concert I’ve ever seen. Only thing missing was CD. I do not like experiencing amazing moments of life without my husband, and to make up for it, we went out on a date Sunday night while Summer hung out with Grandma and Grandpa.


Date Night

And just so you know, we did not pour sugar on each other. You guys know I don’t eat that stuff. We used stevia. 😉

So, where did your Chucks take you this week?