Mom Moves & Munchies

by HEAB on July 8, 2011

Even though I’m at home most of the day, I find it’s harder to fit in exercise than it was when I had a full-time job. Well, it’s not that it’s harder to fit it in, it’s just more of a challenge to do it all at once. With a baby, I find it’s easier to squeeze in a walk when I can or a few minutes of HIIT type workouts throughout my day. It’s kind of fun and challenging as well, and I’m really enjoying the spontaneity of my workouts. I used to be such a planner, but now, I just go with the flow. Following is what I did this week:

Sunday: 30 minute walk pushing the stroller + 5 hill sprints (w/o stroller). CD and I raced. I lost…big time.

Monday: I took several walks with Summer that day, maybe 4 miles total?

Tuesday: 60-minute walk pushing the stroller.

Wednesday: 60-minute Ashtanga yoga class here (thanks for baby-sitting mom!) + 30 minute evening walk with CD & Summer. CD pushes the stroller if we walk together. :)

Thursday: 60-minute walk pushing stroller and then another 30-minute walk in the evening with CD & Summer.

Friday: Due to rain, I had to cancel a walk planned with a friend. So, while Summer played on the floor, I did this 10-minute workout next to her and then did this 20-minute yoga podcast during her afternoon nap.


Our master bedroom, AKA my at-home yoga studio.

This was a very typical week. Again, lots of walks with Summer. I actually prefer to wear her in my Ergo or Mei Tai baby carrier, but it’s too hot right now. So, the stroller it is. Summer and I love our walks together, and the fresh air and vitamin D do us both so much good. I also try and squeeze in yoga classes or podcasts and short intense cardio/strength training when I can. Still loving my Mizfit workout cards! A few years ago, I had to workout for at least an hour if not more everyday, and it usually involved lots of steady state cardio. Seriously, you could not pay me to jump on an elliptical or stairclimber for more than 15 minutes nowadays. BORING.

Not only have my workouts been more of the grab-n-go variety, but so have my meals. Honestly, I have the time to bake and cook as Summer takes two long naps every day, but for the most part, I spend those hours away from the kitchen doing other things. These days, I’m all about keeping it quick and easy. Plus, by the time I feed Summer her lunch followed by a bottle and get her down for a nap, I don’t feel like making myself anything elaborate. Often, I just graze or make a protein shake.


My favorite shake these days.

2 scoops vanilla ProtoClear (rice & pea protein powder) + 1 scoop chocolate NuMedica Power Greens + 32 ounces water + ice. I buy both powders from the doctor I used to work for, and I love this combo. Easy, not complicated, full of nutrients, and delicious.

Are you a fan of HIIT or more of a steady-state cardio person?