Wandering Wednesay

by HEAB on July 13, 2011

Yesterday was supposed to be Chuck Taylor Tuesday, but in my excitement to share Summer’s photos with you, I decided to post my weekly walkabout today instead. So, just where have my Converse All Stars taken me this week?

Chipotle. Not once, but twice.


My fascination with tortilla chips is kind of out of control.


After Summer’s photo session, my Chucks and I tried out Yogi’s, a self-serve frozen yogurt establishment. I filled my cup with tart, chocolate, and vanilla. Belly and feet were quite content.

Emily & Chris’s Chucks joined us as well. Not only does this couple take amazing photos, but they have excellent taste in shoes. :)


We all gave Yogis two very enthusiastic toes up.

You know what pairs really well with my new shoes?


My new tee-skirt!

Oh, how I love this skirt. On my Living List, I mentioned that I wanted to learn to sew, specifically to make this skirt. Then, I figured just buying the skirt would be much easier. So, I did. Em from Life Is Art (love her blog!) sells them on Etsy. She sent me photos of 3 different piles of thrifted t-shirts, and after picking my favorite, my new skirt arrived in the mail a couple weeks later. Thanks Em – I love it so much and cannot stop wearing it.

And last but not least,


I feel like I am back in my yoga groove…finally!

Whenever I have the chance go to my favorite Monday morning yoga class, I go. However, since Summer’s arrival, I rarely get there, unless my mom is in town to baby-sit. Mom was in town this week and off to yoga I went. Thanks mom! My teacher has been studying Dharma Yoga in New York these past few months, and I love how she incorporates it into her classes. The flow is a bit slower than other vinyasa classes, but challenging. Honestly, it’s kind of perfect, and my body and mind are loving it.

Been anywhere exciting this week…and have you ever slept in a skirt? Tee-skirts make great pajamas. :)