I Need A Donut Pan

by HEAB on July 15, 2011


Did y’all see Ashley’s recipe for Peanut Butter Fluff Donuts? I wanted some, but since I’m sans donut pan, I went with the muffin version. Of course, I was lacking in several ingredients. Instead of sweet rice flour, I used up the rest of my homemade brown rice flour and replaced the creamy PB with natural crunchy. I had no applesauce or almond milk and subbed 3/4 cup plain goat milk yogurt for both, and instead of sugar, I added 2 TBSP NuNatural stevia baking blend. Oh, and I went with raisins instead of chocolate. Ashley, I basically butchered your recipe.

Muffins cooling…


My first muffin bite was kind of bland. The second bite included a plump juicy raisin and more peanut butter flavor. By the third bite I was happy, and by my fourth muffin, I was in love.


These muffins are light and fluffy with hints of peanut butter and perfectly sweetened for my taste buds. A mediocre muffin? Not from my perspective. Personally, I find them quite edible. Thanks for the inspiration Ashley! :)

Oh, and thanks to Jenna for the chalkboard idea. Having so much fun with it!