We’re Back

by HEAB on July 17, 2011

CD and I are once again vagabonding it in the land of Naturally Nutty.


Oryana Coop’s nut butter selection in Traverse City, MI

On Saturday, we packed up the dogs and Summer for a 10-hour drive north. Summer played the role of dream baby (seriously, she didn’t fuss at all until the last 10 miles and only did then because it was her bedtime), and the pups made cameo appearances as seat hogs 1 & 2. I must say that the HEAB family does very well on road trips. Our fist stop upon arrival?


There are a lot of tacky comments I could say about this photo involving why men shouldn’t wear tank tops or denim shorts, but I won’t. Instead, I’ll tell you how happy CD and I are to be spending the next seven weeks back in our beloved Michigan. May the ice-cream eating adventures begin…too bad I can’t use being pregnant as an excuse this year. 😉

First up…


A small cup of Moose Tracks topped off with a cake cone. I promise there was ice-cream under there.

After a brief stay in Fife Lake, we plan to continue on with our travels. For any new readers, Chris’s boss allows him to work from another location for several weeks every summer. We used to go to Colorado (remember the yurt?), but last year decided to come to Michigan instead since I was advised to avoid traveling to altitude while pregnant. Long story short, we had the most amazing time and fell in love with the state. You can read about some of our favorite Michigan spots here, here, and here, and we are so excited to be back! Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend as much as we are.

P.S. We do not have Internet where we’re staying, and so I will not be checking email often.