Never Leave Home Without It

by HEAB on July 18, 2011

In the past, I refused to go on trips without packing all of my favorite foods. In fact, the first two times we spent our summers vacationing in Colorado, I brought along the Vita-Mix. Every year, CD and I negotiate what goes and what stays. He’s all about minimalistic packing, and I’m all about making sure I have enough rice protein powder to last me until we get back home. 😉

These days, the car seat, stroller, Pac-N-Play, etc. now have priority over my favorite kitchen appliances, which has really been good for me. You mean we can actually buy food when we arrive? But wait, what about my chia seeds, coconut flour, millet, tahini, etc?!? Well, I go without it, and you know what? Life goes on. Instead of a socca crust pizza loaded with homemade pesto and all my favorite veggies, I enjoy sharing a delicious cheesy pizza in all its greasy gluten-filled glory from the Fife Lake Inn with my husband…


and instead of protein ice-cream prepared in the Vita-Mix, I opt for some of Michigan’s finest…


Moomer’s Ice-Cream

When I’m at home, I love eating my favorite healthy foods, but when we travel, I’ve learned to adapt and simply go with the flow. Life is much more fun that way.

Now, that being said, I must admit there are two items I always take with me…


NuNaturals vanilla stevia drops for my coffee and a big bag of oat bran!

We arrived in Michigan late Saturday night, and when I awoke Sunday morning, I enjoyed a big cup of vanilla sweetened gas station coffee and a bowl of oat bran. For some reason, oat bran is often difficult to find, and there are just some things I refuse to go without. :)

Would you like some vanilla stevia drops for yourself? If so, NuNaturals would like to send four of you a package of their products. To enter, simply leave a comment below telling me the one item you always pack when traveling (sorry, but the giveaway is open to U.S. residents only), and for those of you that don’t win, keep in mind NuNaturals has generously donated four gift baskets to The Great Fundraising Act, an online auction to benefit Susan from The Great Balancing Act. A few weeks ago, Susan was diagnosed with Lymphoma, and the blogging community has gathered together to help raise money for her medical expenses. The auction will take place next Monday, July 25, and you can click here for more information and here to check out all the items up for bid…Oaties included. :)