I Broke Down

by HEAB on July 22, 2011

OK, so the other day I was saying I usually just go without many of my favorite foods when we travel. Well yesterday, we realized there was no decent dog food to be found in Fife Lake. Therefore, I took it upon myself to make a quick trip into Traverse City to buy some. So, I threw a few other items in the cart – totally the dogs’ fault! 😉

I ventured to Oryana Coop (love that place!) and picked up this dog food. Next to the dog food? The chip aisle! Well, not really, it was about 2 aisles over, but whatever. Hello Garden of Eatin’ blue tortilla chips, I’ve missed you, and I think I need you for my dinner….


A HEABified taco salad…sauteed cabbage with ground beef and garlic salt with a couple spoonfuls of tomato paste stirred in, and topped with sour cream and chips. It was no Chipotle, but tasty none the less.

This next purchase wasn’t my fault either. Lindsay, I blame you. Actually, I take that back. I thank you because it was free!


Lindsay was kind enough to send me coupons for Rudi’s, her favorite brand of gluten-free bread. I’m still on my peanut butter toast kick, and for lunch yesterday toasted two slices, spreading peanut butter + raisins on one and a new nut butter on the other. Lindsay, you’re so right – the Rudi’s is DELICIOUS. Thanks again my sweet friend.

The new nut butter and a jar of Sunbutter were the last of my purchases. Any guesses as to the mystery nut butter? I tried a sample of it last summer and immediately fell in love. So happy to see it’s now available for purchase and bought myself the biggest jar I could find. I’ll post more about it soon.

Considering that I wanted to buy about half the store, I came out with only one small bag of groceries as I was in a hurry to get back home so the dogs could eat their dinner. Oh, and I know some of you hoped to meet up in Traverse City, but this was such a last minute trip. If we make any more plans to go into town, I’ll be sure to let you know. After all, I would love to make it to Moomer’s again this year!

Shoot, just realized I forgot to buy tahini…and brewer’s yeast…oh, and I should have stocked up on oat bran…and maybe some coconut flour. Hmm, really been wanting some PB Puffins lately too, and that would require nut milk…OK, I’ll stop now. 😉