A Reader Reunion

by HEAB on July 28, 2011

Remember when I met reader Carolyn (brilliant creator of the infamous Vajayjay Cake) last year while in Michigan? Well, we decided it needed to happen again this year, and so on Tuesday, Summer and I headed south on I-75 and met up with Carolyn for lunch and a girly day of shopping at the Birch Run Outlets.


We had a great day together, and it was so good to see Carolyn again as I consider her one of my closest friends. Love ya Bid, and not just because you bring me my favorite foods from civilization…although that does score you major points.

The goods from Carolyn…she knows me quite well. :)


So much for living on peanut butter alone. Our nut & seed butters are now fully stocked, and so was the dark chocolate…for about 5 minutes. Originally, there were two Peppalo Stone Ground Chocolate Bars. I ate one on the way home, and CD and I quickly finished off the second bar not long after I arrived back in Fife Lake. Peppalo Stone Ground Chocolate is an artisan, small batch chocolate company located in Tecumseh, MI, and they make their chocolate from single-source, raw cacao beans. The bars were delicious! You know how some chocolate bars taste kind of waxy? Not the Peppalo bar. It tasted super dark (you could really taste the raw cacao bean flavor) and kind of gritty – gritty in a good way if that makes sense. Anyway, I’ve been thoroughly enjoying my new items. Thanks again Carolyn!


Do you know what’s even better than toasted Great Harvest bread topped with tahini and melted dark chocolate?


A horribly sliced piece of Great Harvest bread, toasted and smeared with butter. Really, is there anything better than toast with butter? I think not.

What’s your favorite toast topping…and why are outlet malls always in the middle of nowhere?