CD Needs A Food Blog

by HEAB on August 1, 2011

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CD and I often joke that his recipes are always more popular than mine, and since he is a great cook, I usually hand over all dinner making duties to CD when we travel. At home, we cook together using the same ingredients but usually end up with slightly different results. My meals are heavy on the veggies while Chris’s are heavy on the beef and butter. Love my beef and butter – just not as much as CD. However, since the produce in Fife Lake isn’t that great and the house we rented has a horrible knife collection, not to mention a glass cutting board (Gah!!! Cutting veggies on glass is so loud, and when you cut as many as I do, a wooden cutting board makes for a much quieter dinner prep), I just eat a lot of beef and butter right alongside my husband. The enormous piles of veggies will have to wait until I’m reunited with our CUTCO knives.

While in Fife Lake last year, Chris made dinner almost every night, and one of our favorite meals he created on a whim turned out to be his Almond Butter Chili.


We must have eaten it at least 2 or 3 nights a week and still love the recipe. This year’s award winning CD recipe? Burgers!


Burgers with onions and mushrooms.


Burgers with onions and spinach.


Burgers with onions and sauerkraut.

We can’t wait to get home and try this recipe with our Buttermyd stash and fresh garlic. Make this recipe. Do not skimp on the butter. Just like Ashley’s Beer Baked Fries, I think proposals will be made over this recipe. :)