Life On The Road

by HEAB on August 4, 2011

I like to keep things simple when we travel.

My favorite snack these days? Boxes of raisins. Portable, easy, delicious, and raisins do not melt (If warm temps were not a factor, you know I’d be eating Bakers!). Random fact: I despised raisins until I was in college. Not sure why I started liking them – probably had something to do with raisin bran. I lived on cereal while at Auburn.


At home, I use unscented shampoo and conditioner. My hair is thick and requires a lot of shampoo. Therefore, if I use anything scented, you can smell me from a mile away. Back when I was working as a massage therapist, I skipped wearing perfume and always asked my clients’ permission before using scented lotions/oils. Apparently, most men don’t like smelling like lavender and eucalyptus. Who knew? Anyway, I got so used to using unscented products that now I can’t really handle strong smells myself. Normally, I purchase unscented products online, but while traveling, they’re often hard to come by. You can usually find unscented shampoo in the baby aisle, but conditioner can be a challenge. So when we arrived in Michigan, I took Katie’s advice and tried baking soda and vinegar to wash and condition my hair. It works great! Honestly, I can’t believe how easily the tangles comb out with the vinegar. For more info, check out Nourishing Flourishing’s post on the topic.


Cheapest shampoo and conditioner I’ve ever purchased!

During our summer trips, my exercise always consists of lots of dog walking, and this year is no different, except now I walk two dogs and push a stroller. Summer, Radley, Einstein, and I usually walk 2 to 3 miles every morning, and then the whole family takes an evening walk together before Summer goes to bed. In addition to walking, I’ll sometimes do yoga or a few push-ups if I feel like it, but I haven’t had the desire to do anything intense these days. I just want to be outside.

As far as traveling with a baby goes, it hasn’t been a big change for us. We packed Summer’s essentials, but there were many items we left at home. For meals, she sits in my lap, and instead of packing her baby tub, I just take baths with her. We brought a few of her favorite toys, but these days, she’s just as happy with mama’s empty raisin box.


Over the years, I’ve learned that packing my entire closet and kitchen for family vacations isn’t at all necessary. What matters most is our time spent together, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company…again, no Vita-Mix required. :)

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