Lessons Learned Over the Last 24 Hours

by HEAB on August 8, 2011

1) When you have bats in your house, call in a professional to take care of the problem. Apparently, sealing holes up around the house yourself will result in trapping the bats within your walls, crawl spaces, attic, etc. Yeah, don’t do that, especially when you’re renting out your house as a vacation home to others. Instead call the bat people. They come late at night when the bats are awake, pinpoint the problem, and make it all better. Love the bat men!

2) Also love me some Pollyesque meals…


A simple dinner consisting of an omelet & blue tortilla chips. Polly, if only I had goat cheese!

3) A shower and freshly shaven legs can change a girl’s entire outlook on life. I already knew this lesson but always worth repeating.

4) Let me preface this one with the fact that CD and I are probably the only couple under 60 years of age staying in this area. Because we love peaceful environments with beautiful weather, we often gravitate towards vacation spots with large populations of retirees. What can I say? We’re old souls. Anyway, back to lesson #4: If you have a large mosquito bite on your neck, do not go to town scratching it as it will turn into what looks like a large hickey. So, instead of being known as those crazy kids who stay up late screaming and knocking bats out of their house with pillows, you might henceforth be known as those horny kids who stay up late squealing while engaging in kinky pillow fights.

And now I’m off to the community clubhouse for a game of pinochle and some Tai Chi. 😉