Lots O’ Links

by HEAB on August 10, 2011

Many thanks to Miranda, Averie, Ashley, and Katie for tagging me in their 7-Links posts. I’ve really enjoyed reading them and catching posts from some of my favorite bloggers that I might have missed. As of this fall, I will have been blogging for 3 years which is kind of crazy. HEAB was born out of boredom at work one day, and I literally thought I’d run out of things to say after a week or two. Guess not, huh? Thanks to everyone who stops by – I’m amazed and inspired by you guys everyday.

So, the rules of the game are to link to your favorite posts from seven different categories. For some categories, I simply could not choose, and so I present you with my Way More Than 7- Links post. Enjoy, and again, thanks for reading my blog.

1) Most Beautiful


Summer’s birth story – I still go back and read this post myself from time to time. Even though my labor did not go quite as planned, it was an amazing and wonderful experience…the fact that it was short was quite nice as well.

2) Most Popular

Let’s see, the post that actually received the most hits is kind of embarrassing. I happened to post this recipe for a turd-filled burrito.


Well, it was actually a refried bean + hummus cheeze sauce burrito, and although tasty, it wasn’t very pretty. What can I say? I was in my first trimester and craving cheese in and on everything. So, the turds seemed like a good idea at the time. However, unbeknownst to me, AOL published this interview with me on their homepage the very same day. I checked my blog stats, and they were through the roof. So, I quickly published this post welcoming any new readers.

Other popular posts:

The HEAB Diet

Confessions of A Former Runner

Protein Ice-Cream

CD’s Almond Butter Chili

Raw Oatgurt – So many people try this recipe. There have been many failures, but trust me, if you get it right, it’s amazing.


Almond Butter Banana Nut Muffins

You’re Going to Give Up Greek Yogurt?!? – Why I don’t eat a lot of dairy (please ignore all my ice-cream posts as of late).

Oat Bran vs Rolled Oats & Oat Bran 101 – So funny, but these two posts started getting more traffic the day the Dukan Diet was discussed on the Today Show. Apparently, it’s the diet Kate Middleton followed to lose weight for her wedding, and it incorporates oat bran on a daily basis…but only 2 TBSP from what I understand. That is so wrong…so very wrong.

3) Most Controversial – The following posts all generated a lot of discussion and ever since, I’ve kind of kept things more lighthearted here at HEAB. I don’t like controversy.

4) Most Helpful

Blogging Tutorial – Whenever I get emails from new bloggers asking for advice, I always direct them to this post.

The HEAB Diet – I started my blog so that I could share my story in hopes of helping and inspiring others. This post is my story in a nutshell.

Confessions of A Former Runner – This post is all about my journey from a cardio junkie to a regular practitioner of yoga. Over two years later, and I’m still loving my yoga practice and not running.

5) Post Whose Success Surprised You

A Jar? A Bowl? Why Not Both? – The birth of Oats In A Jar

6) Not Enough Attention. Honestly, not many come to mind as I’m always excited whenever I hit publish and people take the time to read and comment. These are really the only two I can think of at the moment…

Ode to My Workout Videos – One of my very first posts. I remember laughing while writing it, but I really didn’t have many readers back then.


Chocolate Mint Overnight Oats – Many of you tried my Overnight Cookie Dough Oatmeal, but I actually prefer the chocolate mint version myself.

7) Posts That You Are Most Proud Of. I’ve already mentioned most of them above, but truth be told, this is the one thing in life I am most proud of…Summer is the best thing I’ve ever done…well, besides marrying CD. :)