Mackinac Island Confessions

by HEAB on August 24, 2011

Hey Claudine, guess where we went?

Welcome to Mackinac.psd

Confession: Everyone who knows anything about northern Michigan has told us we must visit Mackinac Island. However, I was never very excited about going because all I ever heard about was the Mackinac Fudge. Seriously…

MurdicksFudgeBoost.psd Ryba'sFudge.psd  Murray'sFudgeCropped.psd  

So, we didn’t make it last year, but on Monday CD finished up early with work, and we decided to finally cross Mackinac off our Things-To-Do in Michigan list. We’re so glad we did as there is much more to the island than just fudge.

No cars are allowed on Mackinac, and the only way around is via horse-drawn carriage, bicycle, or foot. We chose foot and spent the afternoon exploring this beautiful little place…






Confession: I fell in love with Chris’s leg muscles before I fell in love with his heart. Seeing his calves still makes me pause to catch my breath (especially when he’s carrying our baby daughter).



Confession: I am not a fan of fudge, unless we’re talking 2-Ingredient Fudge. Otherwise, it’s just too sweet for me. I tried some Mackinac fudge in Petoskey last year, and I still get a toothache just thinking about it. So, no fudge for me (sorry Brian). However, CD enjoyed some in the form of ice cream…


A double scoop of Mackinac Fudge and Moose Tracks. This cup got voted best Michigan ice-cream yet. If you’re in the area, it was from Scoops.

My savory tooth was aching for something salty, and I did a little jig when I spotted a lone hot dog vendor on our walk…


Confession: I LOVE a good dog!


Bye. :)