by HEAB on August 26, 2011

Flax + Butter + Cinnamon = Fluttermon, and I’m a little obsessed with this combo.

It all started with this bowl


and now I find myself trying to incorporate a little Fluttermon into every meal, like yesterday’s lunch…


I diced up a chicken breast and cooked it in a TBSP butter over medium high heat, adding a chopped onion to the skillet when the chicken was about 3/4 of the way done. Chicken cooked in butter is so good, and if you chop it into bite-sized pieces prior to cooking, it’s done in about 5 minutes. Alongside my chicken and onions, I had an oven baked sweet potato with a little butter and then covered my entire plate in a spoonful of ground flax seed and several shakes of cinnamon. Mmm, I love adding cinnamon to savory dishes, any dish really. A good friend once told me that at her house, cinnamon is considered its own food group. I’m ready to move in. 😉

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