Favorite Michigan Workouts

by HEAB on August 30, 2011

I haven’t intentionally worked out while  in Michigan.  Not once.  However, just because I’m not thinking about exercise doesn’t mean I’m not moving.  Staying active is a major part of my daily routine here, but that’s exactly what it is – just part of my day, and I’m liking it.

Every morning, Summer, the dogs, and I go on a walk.  Since we don’t have a fenced-in yard like we do at home, the dogs must be walked.  Exercise?  Yep and quite an enjoyable way to start the day as the weather here is beautiful…after my morning coffee of course.  Before making dinner, we go on walk #2 with CD.  Love our family walks.

One day, we headed up to the street to this lighthouse…

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and climbed the stairs for a beautiful view of Lake Huron.

Another day, I borrowed a bike from the store down by the harbor and rode around, enjoying the sunshine as well as the flat streets. Nashville is super hilly!

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Also, how about carrying a 9-month old baby on your back while exploring the shoreline?

By the way, I keep getting questions about our baby carrier.  I own several, but the Ergo Sport pictured above is probably my favorite. It’s super easy to get on and off, and both CD and I enjoy wearing it.  We purchased ours from Babysteals.com, and if you sign up for the deal of the day email, they often offer the Ergo at a major discount (we got it for half off the normal retail price).

So, these have been some of my workouts over the last few weeks…no fancy gym shoes required either.  Oh, and don’t forget the importance of rest days!

Happy Chuck Taylor Tuesday! :)