Cleaning Out So We Can Head Out

by HEAB on September 1, 2011

We leave to go home on Saturday morning. I can’t believe our time here in Michigan has come to an end. As excited as I am about getting back to Nashville, I will dearly miss our picturesque lake views and amazing weather…the forecast for Nashville on Saturday is 100℉. Despite the weather, I cannot wait to get home, back to our house, our routine, our family, our friends, my favorite coffee shop, The Buttermyd, oat bran, and Trader Joe’s! Oh TJ’s, how I’ve missed thee. Anyway, we’re doing our best to eat what groceries we have left. Thus, there has been a lot of snacking on…


Hardboiled eggs + salsa

Random assortment of fridge goodies that made up today’s lunch…


Leftover stir-fried veggies & chicken, a baked potato with melted cheddar, all topped with salsa. Loving salsa lately.

Question is, do you think CD, Summer, and I can polish off 10 cans of kraut in less than 48 hours? You know we love a good challenge. To be continued…


P.S. In yesterday’s Guess The Cook post, I made the Marinutta Chicken, and CD made the Cheesy Chicken Hash. Come on, you guys should know by now that any recipe involving 3 TBSP of butter is definitely a CD creation. 😉