Thanks For The Memories

by HEAB on September 2, 2011

Our time in Michigan has come to end, and just like last year, we had a blast, spent lots of quality time together as a family, and enjoyed several scoops of ice-cream. While here, Summer started crawling – well, forwards anyway. She mastered crawling backwards a while ago. She also discovered music, dancing, and said DadaMama was her first official word a couple of months ago. She’s grown so much over these last seven weeks, and it’s been nice having CD around all day to watch it happen. We’re going to miss Dada when he goes back to the office on Tuesday. :(

Goodbye Michigan. As a thank you for the good times, I bequeath to you my empty jar collection (excluding one tahini jar, a TJ’s flax seed almond butter jar, and a Sunbutter jar – all plastic which I don’t save).


Yep, CD and I polished off nine jars of nut & seed butters while here. Summer did help out with the sunflower seed butter. :)


Naturally Nutty, I’ll miss you. Someday, I will talk my local Whole Foods or Great Harvest into selling you.


Maranatha, you’re good, but I can’t wait to get home to my favorite Sunbutter.


Smuckers, thank you for always being there for us when we travel. You are a classic, and I love you.


Trader Joe’s, I will see you very soon.

We’ve been nut butterless for 3 days now. Hence the following…


Cold banana oats with cinnamon in the sour cream container.

Hey, don’t knock it ’till you try it. After all, people often add sour cream to banana bread, right? I simply sweetened what was left of the sour cream with 2 drops of NuNaturals vanilla stevia drops and then poured in my banana oats. OIASCC? Yes, I think so. Delicious and definitely worth repeating!

Happy Friday.