A September Weekend

by HEAB on September 11, 2011

It’s been a busy last few days…

Back to Mommy & Me Yoga after a 4-month hiatus. At our last class back in April, Summer just laid on my yoga mat, not even rolling over…haha, not anymore! Everyone warned me that everything changes when the baby starts to crawl. Watch out I kept hearing over and over, but no one told me it changes for the better. So, I’m here to say that it does. I love the crawling stage – it’s fascinating to watch Summer crawl at top speed from room to room exploring every nook and cranny of our house. She’s learning so much about her surroundings and discovers something new everyday.

We had a play date with Molly and Lillian. They moved from Nashville to Atlanta while we were in Michigan but were back in town this weekend, and Summer and I could not wait to see them. Both babies have changed so much in seven weeks…looks like Lillian learned to wave while we were gone. :)


Eats have been boring as I don’t care to spend much time in the kitchen these days. (See above paragraph on crawling).


2 egg omelet with cheese and toast = quick lunch.

I ditched the diaper bag. For the past ten months, this bag has gone with me everywhere, but this weekend, I decided I’m done.


I’m just not a diaper bag kind of person. So, I shoved some diapers, a change of clothes, and a few toys into my trusty old backpack I’ve had for years and dug out my beloved KAVU purse. I have a rule when it comes to purses – if I can’t run it through the washer, then I really shouldn’t be carrying it.


So much more me!

I decided I love football season this year as it means I get the Kindle every Sunday afternoon (we share). Finally jumped on The Hunger Games bandwagon – could not put it down.

Most importantly, I remembered…I’ll never forget.