It’s Good To Be Home

by HEAB on September 13, 2011


Saturday night was date night, and CD and I went to see Big Head Todd and the Monsters, his favorite band at the Ryman Auditorium, my favorite music venue in all of Nashville. It’s the original home of the Grand Ole Opry and the birthplace of bluegrass.

Sunday afternoon, my Chucks and I joined Heather at Sweet CeCe’s, my favorite frozen yogurt establishment in all of Nashville. It was great to catch up with Heather, and my frozen yogurt + walnuts tasted so good. (However, nothing beats Michigan ice-cream!)

Chucks@SweetCeCe's.psd SweetCeCe'sWithHeather.psd

Monday afternoon, we joined my friend Jamina for a coffee date at The Frothy Monkey, my favorite coffee shop in all of Nashville.


And today, Chucks, myself, and Summer headed over to Jill’s house for lunch. Remember Jill, my favorite banana bread baker in all of Nashville?


Jill served up some of the best Chana Masala I’ve ever had. She used this recipe, and if you’re a fan of Indian food, you must try it. However, the star of the meal was her Harvest Bread. Seriously, I could not stop eating it.


Here is the recipe, and I will be making my own loaf soon. Thanks again Jill for a lovely lunch, and Summer apologizes for all the quinoa on the floor. 😉

So happy to be back home with my family & friends in such an amazing city. Nashville, I missed you more than I realized.

Happy Chuck Taylor Tuesday!