A Taste of Somalia

by HEAB on September 15, 2011

So, I haven’t been doing many product reviews on the blog lately, and for the most part, when companies contact me, I tell them no thanks. However if an interesting product comes along, then I accept as I want to share it with all of you, especially if it’s good. (I’ll share if it’s bad too). After all, I learned about many of my favorite products from blogs. So, when the folks at Sadia’s Sauce contacted me about trying their products, I perused the website: Sadia is from Somalia, and using an old family recipe created her line of hot sauces back in 2007. After receiving positive feedback from friends and family, Sadia applied for and received a small business loan from the City of Minneapolis and the African Development Center of Minnesota to help realize her dream, and began selling at local farmer’s markets and co-ops. Sadia’s all-natural and locally made sauces come in hot, mild, or sweet, are free of preservatives, and sweetened with a unique combination of dates and tamarind.

Yes, I’d like to try your sauces, thank you. Please send. -Heather

The day they arrived, I tried both the sweet and mild atop a bowl of beef and veggie stir-fry.



I am not a huge fan of heat, and even the mild has quite a kick. Delicious, but hot. Personally, I prefer the sweet.

Screen shot 2011-09-15 at 3.23.38 PM.png

All three sauces are made with the same ingredients, and I’m guessing the sweet simply contains a little more date and a little less cayenne. Next up, I tried Sadia’s recipe for marinated chicken (sent with my sauces) with the mild, and enjoyed it over a bowl of coconut millet (millet steamed in rice cooker with coconut milk) and spinach.


Yum, but honestly, my favorite part of this meal was the millet and sauce, no chicken necessary. The combo of coconut + Sadia’s Sauce was so good!

So, I’ve decided I like the mild sauce, but I’m kind of obsessed with the sweet sauce. For those of you scared of savory oats, beware…


The above bowl contained today’s lunch: oat bran topped with an egg, goat cheese, and Sadia’s Mild Sauce. Nothing to fear – really, you need to try this.

Dear Sadia, I love your sauces. Thank you for sharing a taste of your homeland with me. Sincerely, Heather

Sadia’s Sauces are currently sold at these Twin Cities co-ops and markets and are also available online.

P.S. I have yet to open the hot sauce…kind of scared.